In an essay on population growth for the Wall Street Journal, Joel Kotkin explains how only good is likely to result from America’s demographic transformation because, well because, claims securing the border will dampen “entrepenurial energy”, and observes:

“If you want to find the newest and biggest Chinese supermarkets, Hindu temples, or mosques, the best place to look is not the teeming cities but the outer suburbs of Los Angeles, New York or Houston.”

I have no reason to think Kotkin’s wrong as to where these things are, but why am I supposed to want to find them?


  1. What bothers me is why the WSJ favors moving so slowly on the immigration issue. If 300M is good, and 400M is better, why not just let Tyson, NIKE, Walmart, etc import as many poor starving immigrants as they like, with a guaranteed period of indentured servitude? "Entrepreneurialism" would boom, and we could hit 500M before 2020.

  2. Exactly. I would ask Kotkin what is so wrong with my old and diminutive Hindu temple? Or indeed the ancient Chinese supermarket, older than time itself and so tiny it cannot be seen with the naked eye, which is known to exist at the precise centre of New York City; what is wrong with that?

  3. Rob: It's unfortunate none of the WSJ types are ever in the position where they must respond to points such as yours.

    Menace: Oh so tiny, yet still offering 3 different brands of White Gourd Drink, in both bottles and cans.


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