NoK NoK Jokes

The fall out from the North Korean nuclear test continues to spread.

The North Koreans, angered by Japan’s refusal to allow North Korean synchronized swimmers compete at last month’s Swimming World Cup, have described Japan’s bid to host the 2016 Olympics as “an insult”. According to a North Korean spokesman, “This is enough to make a cat laugh”.

Relations between North Korea and the United States deteriorated further as well after Kim Jong-Il revealed he too was a recipient of obscene text messages from homosexualist former Republican Congressman Mark Foley. According to a North Korean spokesman, “These messages are enough to make a cat laugh. And feel creeped out”.


  1. " However, the most bizarre incident in recent years came at the 2003 World University Games in Taegu when the North Koreans threatened to pull out after claiming their hotel had been ransacked by right-wing South Korean activists.

    North Korea's female cheerleading squad downed pom-poms in disgust after complaining their bedrooms had been broken into and underwear stolen."

    They'll never admit it, but I bet the recent nuke testing is related to that.

  2. Their underwear was stolen? That's enough to make a cat laugh!


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