Le Quizzo

Le Quizzo is back. Le Quizzo is from the swamps and it’s contagious. Try not to catch Le Quizzo.

Bird friend: Woodpecker

Bird enemy: Crow

Drum solo that changed your life: Echo, track 2 from Tony Williams' Spring. This 5 minute drum solo did more than change my life, it changed me on a sub-atomic level. And I have the scans to prove it.

Blob that changed your life: Sandsend Blob

Book that made you cry: Totally Unauthorized Secrets to Donkey Kong Country 2

Book that made you keen, caterwaul, and bewail: Roget’s Thesaurus

How do you like your Ines? Smoking and nipply

Paper of record: Daily Racing Form

Desert island donut: Glazed

Aren’t you sorry/glad you met Le Quizzo? Don’t pass it on.


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