Watch your chances fade

While GOP candidates across the country watch their electoral chances fade, Ron Saxton, the Republican challenger for Governor of Oregon, has pulled even in the polls with Democratic incumbent Ted Kulongoski.

What’s Saxton’s secret?
“Saxton pushed the issue [illegal immigration] the hardest, accusing Kulongoski's government of enabling illegal immigrants to use driver's licenses to gain taxpayer services and to vote - and vowing to make sure immigration laws are enforced.”
Republican losers take note: Oregon's a state that voted Democratic in the last five presidential elections.


  1. No sheet, Sherlock. Disgust with the failure of congress to do anything real about immigration is one of the main reasons so many republicans are going to sit this election out. It's not like Iraq was going any better in 2004.

  2. Bah! Now you tell us! Too little too late :)


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