Abia State Polytechnic #1 Party School

Debauched as student life at American universities typically is, there's no comparison with the campus hijinks occurring in Nigeria. The Tide Online provides the shocking details (what follows is the complete text of its report):
A legal practitioner in Umuahia, Abia State capital, has called on the federal government to urgently save Nigerian Universities from sliding into anarchy as a result of cultism.

Barrister Uwandu Onyenakom who spoke to The Tide in Umuahia lamented that no week passed without institutions of higher learning recording casualties of cultism.

“Worst hit are schools like Imo State University, Abia State University, Abia State Polytechnic among many others.

“Cultism, at the rate it is going will succeed in destroying and uprooting foundations in our institutions of higher learning. Something needs to the done urgently to check the slide towards anarchy” Onyenakom said.

According to him, the cultists who seem to be Lords in campuses harass, intimidate and most times kill cult members at their own pleasure.

Evidence have shown that many undergraduates who embraced membership of cults in schools like Imo State University, Abia State University, Abia State Polytechnic and Enugu State University have been trailed and hacked down in cold blood.

In Abia Polytechnic, a security man was brutally murdered just because he obstructed the activities of cultists in the school.

“When they shot the man and their bullet could not penetrate his body, they hacked him down with axe,” said a source from the school.

There are speculations that cultists have become too powerful because politicians use them to achieve power and this has given them political backing to the extent that they unleash terror on their victims at will and are not brought to book.

Onyenakom, therefore enjoined the federal government to launch drastic anti-cult actions to arrest the ugly trend before the universities become houses of horror.
Tide Bonus: Small Talks on the missing member.


  1. I wonder if any of those students did some foreign study at Miskatonic U.

  2. That would make sense!

    I'm planning on some more on this topic, from what I've found from other sources that Tide article is grounded in fact.

  3. i strongly believe that cultist in Nigerian is a bad culture which should be treated..and people should come out to reverse the "black mentality"from the students of our universities and polytechnics.....as for that of abia polytechnic i strongly believe the Rector is doing some thing great as about cultism because it reduces to its minimum level in abia state polytechnic according to statistics..


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