A sad day in our nation’s capital, as for the first time in American history a lady, Nancy Pelosi, is sworn in as Speaker of the House. Worse, it would seem she’s adopted the disgusting Third World practice of using children as human shields to deter assassination attempts. I suspect we are entering an era of Gynarchy, and it’s too late to do anything about it, but if we are to be ruled by women is it too much to ask they be a bit juicier? I suppose it is.

Watching the cermony Across Difficult Country’s new foreign correspondent the Malaysian villager Ismail Mat Taib remarked:

“At first glance I thought she may be a kuntilanak or even a Langsuir, who had had arrived unnaturally from across the sea,” said Taib, who had been herding cattle near the beach, “Then I realized it was only that congresswoman with the bad plastic surgery.”


  1. When I saw that photo of Pelosi raising the gavel high overhead surrounded by a gaggle of brats I thought she was in the process of bashing in their skulls one by one.
    Now that's Pro-Choice!

  2. Ha! The next step is for congressmen to hold babies in their arms while giving speeches on the house floor.

    My advice for Presidential candiates would be to start making campaign appearances wearing one baby in a front baby sling, and another in a backpack carrier. At least one of the babies should be an adoptee from the third world.

    (nice call re: homing devices by the way)

  3. if we are to be ruled by women is it too much to ask they be a bit juicier? I suppose it is.


    I find Nancy Pelosi to be extremely creepy. It's a combination of her horrible plastic surgery and her not-so-latent fascism (it didn't her long after becoming speaker to ban smoking near the House floor).

    I have a vision of one of Pelosi's pumps stamping on a human face, forever.

  4. Andy: Her stated reason for the smoking ban was, of course, for the children.

    On the bright side, I think the fact people like Pelosi are against smoking might encourage more people to start.

    "Pelosi's pumps stamping on a human face, forever. "

    Nice one.


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