Foreign correspondences

From Malaysia comes word of a "a hungry 25-foot python" (is there any other kind?) that’s eaten at least 11 dogs. Across Difficult Country foreign correspondent and native Malaysian Ismail Mat Taib remarked:
“I thought at first the dogs might be victims of a mysterious monster which had surfaced unnaturally from the bottom of the sea,” said villager Taib, who had been herding cattle near the beach. “Humongous snake was my second guess.”
In other Malaysian news, the Malaysian men’s ice hockey team beat Hong Kong 7-3 and made them cry.


  1. Malaysia really is a land of wonders. That said, I suspect their hockey team consists at least 50% of enormous, hairy, expat Canadians.

  2. Makes sense - be a lousy hockey player in Canada, or one of the best in Malaysia

    Instead of playing games, they should think about using their hockey sticks to clobber the giant snakes.


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