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On the night of May 2nd a large, luminous object with a “nose, mouth and eyes” was observed floating in the skies high above Sutton. The UFO frowned down upon the UK town’s inhabitants for 20 minutes (most Suttonians didn’t notice) before vanishing.

It am unhappy.
(Photo by John Gregory of Burn Street)

If this UFO were an alien spacecraft (as many have assumed, for no reason) it would be one of the most absurd alien spacecrafts ever to visit our Earth (which is saying something).

A more plausible explanation is the thing wasn’t a vehicle at all, instead it was an occult being or entity of some sort, inadvertently unleashed (if not summoned intentionally) from some mystic realm by diabolical Whitbian necromancy.


  1. Obviously global warming is to blame here.

  2. It's likely Whitbian necromancy contributes to global warming.


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