A bipartisan group of senators (the worst kind) is proposing the government provide health insurance for those children who not entirely poor, but aren’t entirely middle class either. These posturing windbags think it so vitally important they are willing to tax just smokers to pay for it, by raising the already unconscionably high taxes on cigarettes by 61 cents per pack. Given how tubby American children are these days the logical solution would be to tax junk food. Such a tax would in itself bring health benefits by reducing the amount of fattening swill the little piggies ingest.

Fortunately our deranged president has promised to veto this monstrous piece of legislation (sometimes, as the old Irish saying goes, even the thickest Echidna-bird finds a hazelnut).


  1. Echidna-porcupines too.

  2. Junk food in moderation isn't necessarily unhealthy. One can indulge in that crap occasionally and still be a healthy human being. A person can run or partake in other exercise and eat good, healthy foods to balance out the crap.

    But cigarettes in moderation are still unhealthy. Even if one tries to have the best diet in the world abstaining from all junk food on the planet, smoking is still gonna make a person unhealty.

    The tax on cigarettes is a smart one. The less people smoking, the less of a burden on the healthcare system.

  3. I don't see why I should care if I'm a burden on the healthcare system or not. But the most expensive patients are the old and those that have lenghty, prolonged declines. Smokers die younger and more rapidly, and already pay more in taxes than they recieve.


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