Exciting news from the Islamosphere:
An ‘Islamic’ car, complete with compass to find the direction of Mecca and a compartment for the Koran, could soon be under production in Malaysia, Iran or Turkey...

Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir, managing director of Malaysian carmaker Proton, told the agency during a trip to Tehran “We will identify a car that we can develop to be produced in Malaysia, Iran or Turkey”.

"The car will have all the Islamic features and should be meant for export purposes," he continued, adding that the vehicle was an Iranian initiative.
I once invented an ‘Islamic’ TV set. It was an ordinary television with two black bands painted over all but the middle of the screen allowing Mussulmen to safely view Western shows featuring women. It never caught on, which ought to tell you something.


  1. So long as they don't get women to drive it.

  2. I agree, not letting women drive is the only thing they get right.

    Did you know Mumar Qadaffi once designed a sports car? Sort of a Mussulman Lambourghini. I was unable to dredge up a link to it. Obviously it never caught on.


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