Another dispatch from Transnistria

A new book names Moldova as “the world’s unhappiest country”. Unsurprisingly, residents of nearby Pridnestrovie or Transnistria (or Transdniester (sometimes spelled Trans-Dniester) are gloating.

Why are Transdniestrians happier than Moldavians? According to a local journalist:
One reason is the country is small. The entire population is around 550,000, and in the capital, Tiraspol, you can walk just about anywhere in 15 minutes.
That does sound nice.

Another reason, I suspect, is that Moldova is run by an insane dictator. Political analyst Petru Bogatu, a former deputy editor of the daily Tarai (a publication of Moldova's right wing ex-Popular Front (now known as the Christian Democratic Popular Front (not to be confused with the Christian-Democratic People's Party, or the Peasants' Christian Democratic Party)) recently observed:
[the President of Moldavia Vladimir Voronin] "is a played and irreversibly lost card,"…calling him also "compromised and outdated." Other words used by Petru Bogatu to describe the Moldovan President include "pathetic" and "loser" who "makes sure to appear on stage as often as possible to create the impression that he is in control."

But Voronin is "not an ordinary maniac under the terror of a fixed idea, as it could look like at the first sight," says Bogatu, who at the same time is not alone in wanting to know the details of the mental illness that he believes Vladimir Voronin suffers from.
Petru Bogatu, often described by fellow Moldavians as “jolly”.

In other Transdniestria (or Transnistria, or you know the rest) news, Ron Paul has “completely won over the hearts and minds” of the people there.


  1. Being Jewish is weird. When I see the word "Transnistria" in print I can't help but think mainly of my relatives who were murdered there just a few decades ago. To me Transnistria is more a Time than a Place. It's a location that existed at one particular point in time and that refers to horrible deeds done en masse... to think that it actually exists as a real geographic location at this very moment is somewhat incongruent with my internal compass.

    Like I said, being Jewish is weird.

    That's why I generally engage in Suspension of Jewishhood when considering the world around me. For one's steady thoughts on so so many subjects to be the rampant rape and murder of his family would lead to a view not happily askew.

    The next time I come across the word "Transnistria" I'll be engaging in that Suspension. This just happened to have been the first time so I thought I'd share my momentary sense of being taken aback by the word. It's been years already that I've able to say the word "Germany" with little more than a twitch.


  2. Wow. You make me look like life of the party.

  3. This being the first post (of a subsequent many) that I've read on this blog, the blog's tenor was was as-yet unknown to me.

    But I'm always pleased to add a melancholic note where I can. :-)


  4. I had no idea. It makes the already not very funny Transnistria (etc.) posts even less funny.

    "When I see the word "Transnistria" in print I can't help but think mainly of my relatives who were murdered there"

    Does the same thing happen when you see Transdniester, Trans-Dniester, and Pridnestrovie?

  5. My remark above was horrible, wasn't it? I'd apologize but if I apologize to you then I'll have to start apologizing to everyone else.

  6. Yah, in the atonal world of print-chatting with strangers (a literary form that hardly existed before the internet) I also often find myself offering the Non-Apology Apology. I generally assume that most are unnecessary and I'll take this experience as evidence of that (I'm usually on the "offering" side of the equation). I mean I'm touched by your concern as to whether I might harbor some deep sensitivity on the subject such that I'm unable to appreciate a joke (which I laughed at when I read) but that's obviously not the case.

    Actually, looked at technically, I think I beat you to the non-apology apology with my second comment on this thread. I do this so often that I hardly even notice the NAAs I generally offer as an afterthought. I should probably just wear a disclaimer and leave it at that.

    By the way, I've since commented on a number of other posts of yours. I read Craptocracy from the start (courtesy of Sailor) but never showed up here until today.

    You owe me around six hours.

    Cheers and may Jesus Christ guide you to ultimate redemption,


  7. If anyone should apologise, it's Bogatu for that bloody awful green jacket.

  8. In Moldova that jacket screams "fun".

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