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Some outré opinions printed years ago in a few of Ron Paul’s newsletters have precipitated a widespread libertarian moral panic. For believers in an inalienable right to necrophilia the Libertarianoids are surprisingly delicate about certain things, aren’t they?

With chances of war with Iran (seemingly) fading, a teary-eyed George Bush took to the podium to propose launching air strikes on targets which existed in the past. Presumably he’s somewhat confused as to what the term “timebomb” means, though the resemblance in spirit between this scheme and the movie The Final Countdown is probably not coincidental.


  1. For believers in an inalienable right to necrophilia
    You can have my deceased wife when you pry me from her cold, dead hands.

  2. Ha! These Reason-types blather about fighting and dying for liberty, then when The New Republic does a hit piece on their guy they fold like something that folds easily (I'm short on similies today). Worms, all of them.

  3. Libertarianism is the province of nerds, and we nerds are a wimpy lot.

    The people who fought and died for American independence were certainly not libertarians, no matter what Rothbard said.

    they fold like something that folds easily (I'm short on similies today).
    An umbrella? A folding-chair? A thin shirt without too much starch?

  4. You're right.

    Despite my past run-ins with libertarian pee cee, I hadn't realized until the Ron Paul Newsletter Crisis the extent of what we shall call 'mainstream libertarianism' had been corrupted by liberalism.

  5. Only monkeys should be allowed to rule America. Monkeys have no use for Libertarians, Liberals, or Smoke-a-phobians. The citizenry's only concern under ape-ocracy would be slipping on banana peels in the streets Gorillington, DC. A very small price to pay, I should say.

  6. I'd vote a monkey for President (or even a baboon) as he long he promised to appoint a talking mongoose as Secretary of State.


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