Modern architects hate human beings

Reports the Sandsend Blob mutated, grew to an enormous size and is now terrorizing people in the Czech Republic are false. It’s actually the new Prague National Library which is terrorizing people there.


  1. This will not actually be built. And if it is, it will eat all the books, and then absorb anyone who approaches it. So, I don't think this will actually be built; no, it is merely the winner of a design competition. The architect himself will surely have a mental breakdown, before he gets to putting on his spacesuit and picking up his blowtorch. The members of his team will not be able to go on, and will take to reading Kafka (since this is in Prague). No, this will never be built! It is like Kafka's Castle. One is merely thinking of it. Nice colors, though.

  2. Alas, I don't share your optimism Mr. Mintern.

    "The architect himself will surely have a mental breakdown"

    I think it's more likely the 'sucess' of the Prague library will get him hired to inflict his monstrosities on my city and yours.

  3. Libraries themselves are becoming extinct dinasaurs in the day of the internet. Want a book review? Go to Amazon or Wikipedia. Want to buy the book? Got to Amazon or BAM, etc. People just dont get to the library much anymore. In the age of search engines, when you want to know about a subject................its rather easy.

    Ever notice how so many new libraries are architectural monstrosities and/or inanely designed (way too many windows that make it too bright to actually read in there on sunny days, etc.). Modern architecture is usually pretty damned ugly, and hence why only government funded projects are usually in the freakish builings....

    But hey!!! Maybe thats what some art-museums snobs WANT folks. By making those buildings ugly, they are stating that "this building is for the elite, and we want you out of it". Perhaps why thats why libraries, art museums and the like tend to be ugly.

  4. Good points Anonymous. Libraries should switch focus to only providing books which are rare or expensive.

    "government funded projects"

    A perfect example of the type is Rem Koolhaus, who designed the hideous Seattle library, and recently has been doing buildings for the Chinese government because he has more freedom to realize his vision there (i.e. Communists hate people too).

  5. I was just reading the Prague National Library design competition details. For some reason, the winning bid was awarded Pounds Sterling while the runner-up got Euros.

  6. They should have paid the winner in Intergalactic Space Credits.


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