Came here and said give me something now

Thousands of clowns descended on the Dallas World Trade Center last Friday, to set the world record for “largest kazoo performance”.

Afterwards many of the clowns could be seen weeping. “There are no more worlds to conquer,” explained one, who identified himself as Bungles McDingo. Then he dried his eyes, tooted a horn, and rode away on a unicycle.


  1. Sounds remarkably like Romney Campaign HQ

  2. Apparently this is one of these things that ONLY exist in terms of world records. Much to my surprise, since I didn't see it, or rather hear it, the last Kazoo World Record was set right here in Rochester, NY, in 2006. For your further entertainment, here is a link that tells all about it.

  3. Fez: I thought clowns were prohibited by the Mormon church.

    Lloyd: That link did provide me with further entertainment.

    No one in particular: Musical instruments mentioned on ADC: Kazoo, alpenorn, bone-flute, drums.

  4. Recognize this? Yestersay Sandsend, today Lewiston, tomorrow...?

  5. Yarb, thanks for the update. By its size, I'm guessing that's a pregant female.


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