Big metal bird in sky

Someone should force America’s mollycoddled poor to take a long, hard, look at these pictures:

Those fun loving knuckleheads trying to pick a fight with the airplane that's photgraphing them are completely self sufficient, and they do it without modern conveniences, like government cheese or pants. Despite never having been given free educations, they appear to have produced a monumental breakthrough in the field of cryptozoology by befriending some sort of half-human she-ape (girlilloid?) belonging to a species undreamt of by Western naturalists.*

*That may be a Maricoxi.


  1. The two bowmen near the cast member from the Charlton Heston "Planet of the Apes" are the same orange color as the Oompa-Loompas in the 1970 anthropological documentary "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

  2. You're right, they definitely have an O. Loompa phenotype and coloration.

    Speaking of Wonka, if you're going to freak these fellows out by buzzing them with a plane, shouldn't you have the decency to mitigate the terror you're causing by dropping some candy? Generations from now they would still be talking about the greatest day of all time when the giant metal bird arrived and crapped laffy taffy.

    I suppose it's pointless to bring up now, but (seriously) why am I suspicious of these photos? They seem staged.

  3. Terrorists!

  4. Surely the are merely extras from an Aboriginal open-air theater adaptation of Stendhal's "Le Rouge et le Noir."

  5. Lloyd: I agree, the people buzzing them with the plane are terrorists.

    Fez: C'est drôle. If that book had poison-dart shooting jungle tribes in it I probably would have bothered to read it.

  6. Al Gore said that was his favorite book. And these dudes are threatened by our encroachment into the rainforest, which I can only assume has something to do with climate warming. Coincidence????

  7. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was Gore's favorite book?

  8. What is Al Gore's favorite book now?

    It is the natives (so to speak) who are terrorists, obviously! Do not try to change my meaning. The people buzzing them are merely tourists. All in all, it is a case of mutual understanding. And a slightly provocative clash of lifestyles.

  9. the Brazilian gov't has known about this small tribe for 20 years, but have left them alone; they are in danger because a new road is being built near them.

    I'm fascinated by the person in black. thought it was a woman since it didn't have a bow & arrow. But the cameramen say all the women they saw in the first pass over were gone when they came back 1 hr later to snap these shots. The poor terrified people painted themselves when the plane returned to show they were not interested in being contacted.

    It DOES look staged!

  10. My guess is the one in black has magic powers. Or maybe an offering? Or it could be because black is slimming.

    "But the cameramen say all the women they saw in the first pass over were gone when they came back 1 hr later to snap these shots."

    To me that's what suspicious. How did the tribesmen know the plane was comin back?

  11. This just goes to show that everyone lives in the present. The irrevocable year and day itself. You just can't find anyone living in the past anymore!

  12. I try to live in the 19th century but the 21st keeps encroaching.


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