Bungle in the jungle

Remember that ‘lost’ tribe in Brazil? Javno News Croatia is reporting: “Discovery of New Tribe in Brazil Was a Lie!” It turns out the tribe was first discovered in 1910.

According to ABC News:
...the Brazilian official who took the photos, José Carlos dos Reis Meirelles, admitted that he has been studying the group for more than two decades and that the "chance" meeting was no accident.
Also from Javno News: "Chinese Woman With Elephant Legs To Be Operated." I think that story is a hoax, too. Those legs don’t look like elephant legs, they look like normal legs wrapped in dumpling dough, which is one of the oldest tricks in the book.


  1. I guess this means the orange painted spear chuckers weren't really having group sex in their hut with the black, furry she-ape then, either. Too bad, becuase I would have enjoyed reading the report detailing their culture as described with perfect clinical detachment by some earnest Margaret Mead-type sent to investigate them.

  2. Why not? They probably went back to doing that after the photo shoot.

  3. Your link to the Chinese woman with dumpling-dough legs is sending us to the ABC News report on the "lost" tribe - I wanna see the dumpling legs!


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