Sneakerfeet of mystery

No one knows where they are coming from, or why, but right feet shod in sneakers have been washing ashore on beaches near Vancouver, Canada. For those unable to imagine what a right foot in a sneaker that has washed ashore on a Canadian beach looks like, the Irish Herald provided the following helpful image of a sneaker with no foot in it that obviously hasn’t washed ashore but definitely is on a beach, though probably not a Canadian one:

That picture really brings the horror home, doesn't it?


  1. It must have been a freak tide to wash that sneaker so far up that Irish beach.

    Here in Vancouver life goes on as normal - although many of us have stopped wearing sneakers.

  2. It's probably safe to still wear sneakers on your left feet.

  3. Poor soles. I think if police can connect this to all the ankles not washing up on Vancouver the case can be solved. It will take some leg work, though.

    I heard somewhere that it was animal feet in some of the shoes that have washed up of late. Of course, the press did not say what kind of animal. If it is a chimp's foot, it could be the Chinese space program has run into trouble.


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