Monday morning traffic report

The Stewart Street bridge Dayton, Ohio is closed. Please use alternate routes.

In Illinois, various streets in uptown Normal are affected by a hotel construction project. Traffic in downtown Normal is normal.

Leyland, UK commuters can expect delays. A tree is blocking both sides of Worden Lane. Take Vicarsfields or Langdale Road instead. The falling tree “came down from an area where caravans, owned by Billy Smart's Circus crew...are parked.” The police say there is no evidence the filthy circus folk caused the tree to fall, but concede “everyone knows” circus folk are “bad luck.”


  1. Talking of traffic, any news on the park and ride service proposed last year by Tony's Professional Chimney Sweep Service?

    I really think it would be a good idea and you know more about what's happening in Whitby than I do.

  2. That seems a reasonable proposal. But nearly everything in Whitby has an occult subtext, so it may be a ploy to lure unsuspecting people on to buses which can then take them to be ritually sacrificed.

  3. By Jove you could be on to something. I wondered why the 'Whitby Steam- Traction, Trolley-Bus and Human Sacrifice Corporation' (motto: "Kraft Durch Das Menschenopfer") were bidding for the contract.
    I'll alert the media.


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