Kraft im Recht

For me the word “freedom” has not the value of a starting-point, but rather that of an actual point of arrival. The word “order” denotes the starting-point. Only on the concept of order can that of freedom rest. Without the foundation of order, the call for freedom is nothing more than the striving of some party after an envisaged end. In its actual use, the call inevitably expresses itself as tyranny. Whilst I have at all times and in all situations ever been a man of order, my striving was addressed to true and not deceptive freedom. In my eyes, tyranny of any kind has only the value of absolute nonsense. As a means to an end, I mark it as the most vapid that time and circumstance is able to place at the disposal of rulers.
 - Prince Klemens von Metternich, “My Political Testament”.


  1. moldbug reader i see...hey me too!

  2. I think the Angolans have the right idea.

  3. That must be the first time anyone has ever said that. From your link: "According to Radical Ribeiro, a director for the Banda Mulundi production company, the tragedy happened as a crowd of onlookers were watching a scene being filmed in the crime-ridden suburb of Sambila."

    Radical Ribeiro is my new favorite director.


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