Roger’s Lacuna

Roger Kimball frequently writes about multiculturalism and the creeping Islamicization of the West. In a recent piece about the refusal of Turkish Mussulmen in Germany to assimilate he laments:
I am writing this in London, city that every time I come is a little less English. Women wearing burqas used to be an exotic anomaly, sightings of which were confined to a few certifiably Muslim neighborhoods. Nowadays, you’ll see them on Kensington High Street, St. James’s, and the Strand.
Yet despite recognizing the consequences of immigration, Kimball not only won’t come out against immigration, he never mentions immigration. It's bizarre. I wonder if this single-word anomia Roger suffers from might have been caused by wearing overly constrictive bow ties?


  1. Maybe he lost the ability to use the word after a visit to Whitby.

  2. I have a theory. Mine doesn't involve Whitby.

  3. He at least used the word here:

    And he signed this meager thing, for what it's worth:

  4. In that link from 2007 he's sensible. That he said those things then makes the evasiveness in his more recent essays even stranger.

  5. Kimball is a fine art critic but an incredibly naive political commentator. he writes like he believes every word of every single Bush admin. press release.

    I am now in favor of open borders everywhere since I believe such a policy affords me the best opportunity for getting as far away from everybody else as possible

  6. I agree, much of his political commentary is embarassing. Even if McCain were worth shilling for, it's not as if Kimball is needed to do it. There are plenty of people who can't write art criticism who can shill.

    What's different with immigration he verges on the truth, then shies away. As Garland's link shows, he no longer will even say what he did in the past.

    Wouldn't the real effect of open borders everywhere be nearly everyone getting closer as much as possible?

  7. Well, I figure everyone will come here, then I can go to Outer Mongolia.


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