Life expectancy in Zimbabwe is now the lowest in the world: 37 years for men and 34 for women. A cholera epidemic is raging. People have become ill with anthrax after eating the decaying flesh of animals that had died from the disease. Power was lost to the morgue in the capital city of Harare, leaving the corpses to rot. Most of the world is ignoring the agony of Zimbabwe, a once prosperous and medically advanced nation in southern Africa that is suffering from political and economic turmoil — and the brutality of Mugabe’s long and tyrannical reign.
- Bob Herbert, celebrating Zimbabwe’s triumph over racism and reminding me why, when I hear it said "reality has a liberal bias", I think of Rhodesia.


  1. But it's more important to be free of white rule than to live healthily and prosper. Everyone knows that.

  2. Of course, though if whites weren't racist they would come back in (as Herbert demands) and provide the health and prosperity for blacks under black rule. That's the only truly just arrangement.

  3. It's worth noting that an African court (in Namibia) recently ruled that Zimbabwe's land redistribution program was racist against the white farmers whose lands it confiscated.


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