These Donkeys Are No Gentle Doves

From Gaza another report of a Mussulman donkey turning suicide bomber. Given my animal bombs expertise and my low opinion of donkeys* it’s a disgrace the government hasn’t sought my advice on this growing threat.

Donkeys who aren’t religious fanatics are still nasty creatures. After a Colombian donkey’s attempts to seduce two children failed, he viciously attacked them, sending both to the hospital. An acquaintance of the donkey said: "This donkey is no gentle dove...One may look at him with his ears down and his eyes half-closed and think he would not kill a fly, but when he is horny, dear mother, you have to be very careful."

*Oddly, I once urged everyone to buy a donkey.


  1. Thanks. I needed some humor.

  2. I find your monomaniacal obsession with the "donkey threat" to be almost Austerian.

  3. It's worse than you realize. I've actually meant to write more about donkeys than I have.

    Six links for that item. I should have worked in this one and this one, too.


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