Have you ever noticed how in Africa the Kenyans have all the plum jobs, particularly in marketing? Ugandan opinion columnist Charles Onyango-Obbo has:
Yet, I discovered, rather unhappily, that this increased level of contact has at the same time raised old prejudices from the dead. Ugandans sometimes bristle at the fact that all the plum jobs (particularly in marketing) at the major regional and international companies in Kampala have been taken by Kenyans - the feeling is stronger in Dar es Salaam.

Kenyans and Tanzanians tend to think that Ugandans are a people who are unable to consistently manage their affairs without degenerating into violent madness. Perhaps the only thing that's enduring about the country is the beauty of its women, I have been told.

The Tanzanians? They are laidback at best, and at worst lazy - corrupted by the cradle-to-grave ways of the socialism of Nyerere's days. And Ugandans and Tanzanians will tell you that Kenyans are boorish, greedy, arrogant and untrustworthy.
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