For reality in children's public television

By now you have probably heard about the controversy involving the PBS children’s program Buster. For those that have not, Buster is a cartoon rabbit who hops about visiting live people. In an upcoming episode Buster visits a pair of female homosexualists. (The name of the episode is ‘Sugartime’, I think ‘Tunatime’ would have been more accurate.)

I am not upset with a television show portraying homosexualists, but it would be nice if just once the full variety of homosexualists was depicted as one encounters theam as they appear in their natural habitats. So instead of meeting a pair of homely lesbians (whom the media prefers to show unless going for laughs) they could show Buster innocently hippy-hopping through a public park when he stumbles upon a group of thin, well groomed men with fake tans and no pants sodomizing each other in behind some bushes. Or Buster could naively attempt to use a men’s restroom at his city’s downtown public library. There via a hole conveniently pre-drilled in the wall of the stall Buster could come face to face with the friendly appendage of a local homosexualist bibliophile.

If anyone who works at PBS is reading this, feel free to use these script ideas free of charge.


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