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How will you be celebrating Abraham Lincoln’s birthday? I'll be at the bar wearing a top hat and a beard with no moustache. Start your own festivities by reading this fascinating examination of whether or not the gangly emancipator was a homosexualist.

Also see these new findings on the origins of the 'Mysterious Melungeons':
Melungeons most likely descend from 16th century settlers, Portuguese and Spanish, who were abandoned or cutoff when the English overran the Santa Elena Colony, presently known as Beaufort, S.C., in 1587.

The MRC believes these settlers came to the coast of South Carolina in 1567 under the leadership of a Spanish captain, Juan Pardo. The settlers consisted of approximately 250 soldiers, their wives and children.

"Several forts were built around the borders of South Carolina and Georgia, and one near Chattanooga," Collins' information states. The settlers lived in and around these forts 20 years, "until the English arrived and ran them out of the area."

In addition, the research committee has reason to believe several hundred Turks and other Muslim sailors were put off ships at Roanoke Island, N.C. in 1586 by Sir Frances Drake.

"The evidence indicates that both (groups of settlers) intermarried with Native Americans, primarily Cherokees, Creeks, Catawba and Pamunkey," the information states, "and that the resultant populations were eventually pushed together in the mountains of western North Carolina and upper South Carolina where they merged."

Hey everybody, it's Abe Lincoln's handball!


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