Reference to selfish excess and excessive self reference

While I have a propensity to mock scientists (such as the ridiculous professor Lloyd Peck), I must admit there are certain men of science diligently applying all their intelligence in order to make the world a better place (unlike some who are merely pests). Take these scientists who:

have developed a product that can keep a person drunk…The tablet called RU-21 Red was developed in Spirit Sciences, a laboratory based in California but with research facilities in Russia. The same scientists had earlier worked on secret programs for the Kremlin and had made the famous RU-21 product that cures hangovers.

If you take a tablet you need less alcohol to stay drunk, the scientists were quoted by the paper as saying. “RU-21 Red prolongs drunkenness and enhances intoxication,” the company co-founder, Emil Chiabery, born in the ex-Soviet republic of Georgia said.

In my younger days, I would often find myself arriving at work in the morning still drunk from the prior night out. Unfortunately it would usually wear off in a few hours. I eventually solved this problem by ceasing to arrive at work at all. But if I had had these pills I could have maintained a not unreasonable buzz until late afternoon, and therefore only would have had to suffer maybe one or two hours of sobriety a day at the most. So the world is not all decline.


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