Money well spent

After reading this and this, I read this:

"I graduated from Harvard in 2004 with a degree in philosophy."

Then I laughed uncontrollably.


  1. Hugh Hefner, on Playboy's ideal reader, in the first issue, said he would typically be "inviting in a female acquaintance for a quiet discussion on Picasso, Nietzsche, jazz, sex."

    Patrick Smith's interests: "Philosophy, Chicago Cubs, chess, hockey, tennis, cinema, theater, biology, sex"

    What a Renaissance man!

  2. Incidentally, when I initially tried to find Hefner's exact phrase, I tried Googling "Playboy motto."

    The first page consisted entirely of links relating to Sergey Brin's interview in Playboy.

    Hey, those Google boys are smart!

  3. What kind of male blogger prominently displays a picture of himself and includes a laundry list of his diverse hobbies? My suspicion would be a trolling homosexualist. Now the Bush administration's sole claim to conservatism(read "fascism") is its failure to enthusiastically endorse the "gay lifestyle". Since we all know by now that being anti-gay and being fascist are the same thing the case against the GOP is proven.

  4. Nice find, that's really amusing.

    "Philosophy, Chicago Cubs, chess, hockey, tennis, cinema, theater, biology, sex"

    I am always suspicious of people who say they like 'cinema' instead of saying 'movies'. And what does it say when a person has to announce an interest in sex?

    Speaking of fascists and gays, those snazzy uniforms the fascists were always so fond of don't seem to be the kind of thing a heterosexual decides to wear, do they? It's very suspicious.

  5. Thanks, I posted that even though I hesitated for fear of being accused of gay- bashing. But uniforms are a vexing question. Think of the uniforms of NFL teams: would you wear those while strolling down the street? Of course if you're big enough(like the 800 lb Gorilla)you can where anything you want. Uniforms seem to be are a curious place where the macho and the effeminate meet. Excuse the weasel words, but I'm not a student of fashion. Hey...but I can Bench Press 250 lbs. But in the USA does that make me more likely to be gay or straight? Luckily I live outside the Bg POW Camp , so I don't care.

  6. Popular joke amongst White Sox fans:

    How many homosexualists does it take to overturn a VW Beatle?

    I don't know, but I'll tell you when the Cubs win the World Series.

    Reading between the lines of his interests, Mr. Smith is clearly identifying himself as a flaming homosexualist.


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