Asking the tough questions

Then if India is given a seat, and it is already a candidate for it, doesn't that mean the escalation of the degree of challenge with Pakistan, the nuclear state? Is that in the interest of world peace? On the contrary, it is a dangerous threat to world peace. And if Japan is given a seat, and it is a candidate for that, doesn't that mean the escalation of the challenge for North Korea that has a nuclear problem, and for China and Indonesia? If India and Japan are given a permanent seat, does that not mean the escalation of the boiling degree of the Chinese hydrogen kiln? Is it really for the benefit of world peace?
- from the curious mind of Col. Muammar Gadafi


  1. The really weird thing is that as a blogger, Col. K/Q/G makes more sense than most.

  2. The Colonel is a bit of a renaissance man. Not only is he a statesman, an original writer and thinker, he is the designer of a "rocket car" which is the "safest vehicle on Earth".


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