Good for them

It seems the Hindoos are harnessing women to ploughs and making them till the fields. If fads originating in India as silly as Yoga can become popular in the West, is it too much to hope one of their sensible practices might be adopted too?

In other news, in a fascinating interview former President Bill Clinton reveals that "many people" in his administration believed the United States government had recovered a crashed alien spacecraft. Clinton also describes how he personally helped advance 20th century science: "we had succeeded in sequencing the human you know that we cloned Dolly the sheep".


  1. It would be easier if Clinton just listed the things he *didn't* do. To list everything he *did* accomplish would be magic beyond even his capacity. (Maybe.)

  2. I would like to know where he found the time and energy to run the country, carry on various love affairs, and clone sheep. I can barely manage to maintain my everyday life and post a thing or to on this blog. What an amazing fellow.


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