Yo-ho-ho-ho-ho, word to granny's panties

In the past, when I’ve criticized oldies (see here, and here) I’ve received hate-mail, not just from the powerful oldie lobby but also from otherwise rational people who can’t understand my antagonism toward the aged. These critics almost always justify their favorable view of oldies by invoking their own, mostly fond, childhood memories of grandmothers. I too remember grandmothers as being kindly and harmless figures, liked for their skill at baking pies and other goodies. Would that were still the case. Sadly, modern grandmothers are a debased as most of the rest of society, as exemplified by a group known as The Raging Grannies, who describe themselves as being “independent women” dedicated to “activism, social justice” and “politics”, which is a nice way of saying they are horrible, meddling old crones who enjoy annoying normal people. How bad are these hateful hags? A recent article describes how they’ve written a rap about hurricane Katrina:
"A Granny New Orleans Rap"

Our government moves at a very slow pace.
It did not understand New Orleans was a race,
For the needy, the poor, and the black who were there.
If this was a test -- they utterly failed.
This negligent lot should be charged and jailed.
I don’t think I’m alone in hoping that rap is somehow perceived as a dis’ by Suge Knight’s posse.


  1. Well, I understand that when mr. Bush was asked his position on Roe VS Wade, he answered that he really didn't care how folks got out of New Orleans.

  2. That's funny but what does it have to do with hating oldies?

  3. Well, its that rap you see.....


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