Excerpt from a non-existent journal

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sunny day. I decide to read (Ruskin’s Praeterita) outside. A cylindrical bodied, orange, black and white striped fly lands on the page. It occurs to me I have never seen such a fly as this before. If it were a new, as yet un-catalogued species, the discovery of which would bring me fame and fortune I wouldn’t even know. That’s how it always is with me and fame and fortune. I reflect on the fact I know next to nothing about insects. The interesting fly departs, and I read:

"Both mountains have had enormous influence on my whole life; - the Dole continually and calmly; the Righi at sorrowful intervals, as will be seen. But the Col de la Faucille, on that day of 1835, opened to me in distinct vision the Holy Land of my future work and true home in this world."

My reading is interrupted by the jibbering of a squirrel up in a nearby tree. I wait for him to stop, but he seems to be agitated by something, and goes on and on. I decide to throw a rock at him. Many people don’t even know that squirrels jibber. I throw more rocks. The squirrel finally takes the hint and shuts his yap. It occurs to me I have not been on a bender in quite some time. The last bender I went on lasted nearly a week. The longest bender I’ve ever been on lasted the year of 1996. With the squirrel quiet I’m suddenly aware of the sounds of birds chirping, a bee buzzing, a dog barking far away, cars, a plane going overhead. Are those people staring at me?


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