M. Stache

Oliver Stone’s new movie, World Trade Center is coming out. I won’t be seeing it, but I noticed it stars the same moustache who did such a terrific job in the highly acclaimed 1973 film The Last Detail.

World Trade Center

The Last Detail


  1. That moustache looks like it has strained more than one bowl of soup in the last 33 years.

  2. My understanding is that the moustache has been happily married for the last 27 years. However, as James points out, you never know in Hollywood.

  3. anon: I think James is suggesting the moustache's wife is a beard.

    I despise this post, which is why I can't resist leaving it up. It may have almost been funny if I had done as oringinally intended and included more movies. 16 Blocks, where the moustache co-starred with Bruce Willis...think up your own...


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