The Mystic Dwarves of Florentino Floro Jr

In the Philippines Judge Florentino Floro Jr has been dismissed from the bench for using the advice of his three dwarf friends Armand, Luis and Angel, to decide cases. According to Judge Floro, the mystic dwarves, or “dwendes”, communicate with him using psychic powers.

This sad tale illustrates how, even in these supposedly enlightened and tolerant times, the ugly prejudice of heightism continues to ruin lives.


  1. Good afternoon, it is 6:30 p.m., here in the Philippines. May I air my side, by quoting herein my statement to our T.V. stations forum:

    "QUOTE(tfccritic @ Aug 16 2006, 09:54 PM)

    it seems justice was served.
    Did you hire a lawyer or were you a pro-se defendant?

    certainly you cannot blame the supreme court if you or your lawyer failed to cross examine the medical experts, nor use your own or your lawyer's mistake as a cause of your appeal. Certainly its a different story if the court had prevented you from cross examining the experts.

    Were you allowed to present your own medical experts? Because, it looks like you never put up any defense to rebut the findings of the expert witnesses.

    According to the above court records, your own physician testified and agreed with the petitioner's medical experts. Did your physician testified as a defense witness?

    My lawyers, counsels of record in the case are a) Atty. Gregorio M. Batiller, Jr., Ateneo and Sen. Rene A.V. Saguisag.

    We did file more than 4 motions to cross-examine the medical experts but the Court just NOTED, meaning no action on that.

    the full resolution:

    I did present star expert witnesses -

    a) Mr. Jaime T. Licauco, psychology visiting professor in America, and parapsychology expert, these credentials were admitted by the opposing counsel,
    Dr. Eduardo L. Jurilla, Makati Medical Center Director of Psychiatry,
    c) Dr. Eduardo Maaba,
    d) psychologist staff of Dr. Theresa Gustillo-Villasor,
    all our objections against improper questions were denied.

    My physician, Dra. Vez testified, as ordinary witness plus 14 other ordinary witnesses, and the Court accepted my 2,000 pages exhibits 1-39, which included my 800 pages court rulings, decisions, and resolutions, where, not a single word therein mentioned dwarves, angels, etc. however, I quoted Mr. Licauco's "psychic phenomena", and these 2 words were ruled in the decision as the main cause of my removal.

    The Decision was drafted in full and solely by Atty. Ma. Isabel Providencia Timbangkaya Solis (the daughter of Atty. Victoria Timbangkaya, my counsel, as partner of my counsel of record, Sen. Rene A.V. Saguisag). MIND-BOGGLING -



    plus, on the HOUR AND NIGHT THAT I KNOCKED at the home of Justice NAZARIO, first friday, August, the time that the OFFICE OF JUSTICE NAZARIO drafted the FINAL RESOLUTION released on August 11 and 14, THE JBC/SUPREME COURT MOURNED THE DEATH OF LILY VICTORINO - wife of JBC Member Raul Victorino, who is left with only one daughter. PAINFUL isn't it?

    what is the message of GOD?


    She failed to do her homework -

    a) her draft which was finalized in the 75 pages decision - sentenced me guilty of 7 administrative charges, gross ignorance of the law, because it declared that I did NOT notify the fiscal of hearing on recognizance (for probation); that is silly, since, I hold the evidence, 6 documents, that -

    THE DOJ REFUSED AND FAILED TO GIVE ME FISCAL, to paralize me, I have 500 criminal cases,
    The FISCAL TEMPORARILY ASSIGNED RESIGNED on the first day of the hearing,
    so there is a DELIBERATE conspiracy to MESMERIZE the DECISION -


    I hold, now, the OTHER BOMB, 2 Supreme Court resolutions (NEWLY DISCOVERED EVIDENCE) dated August 11 and November 16, 1999 which DENIED FOR LACK OF MERIT, my REQUEST TO BE GIVEN COPY OF THE COMPLAINT 85 pages, where there is NO COMPLAINANT, but just a memo on audit with details on the 13 charges,


    I was convicted of SEPARATION FROM SERVICE DUE TO PSYCHOSIS, which is not included in the INFORMATION OR COMPLAINT, that is provided in the Constitution,

    So, under our law on criminal, administrative and constitutional procedure or process, rule of law, if you are accused by the information or complaint of MURDER, and if such crime is not proved, however, if you were proved to have committed acts of lasciviousness, you COULD NOT BE GUILTY of the latter CRIME PROVED BUT NOT ALLEGED ...

    The one who drafted the DECISION, Atty. Solis even included my very beautiful mother - who is already dead since 1995, and my brother, who have nothing to do with the case ... they were pronounced not in the obiter dictum but in the RATIO DECIDENDI as having defective GENES...
    LOOK - at the FACT -

    5 December, 1939 - Birth of Minita Viray Chico-Nazario

    5 December, 1925 - Birth and Death of Milagros V. Floro ...
    5 December, 1995 - (Mother of Psychic Judge Floro)

    5 November, 1953 - Birth - Judge Florentino Velasquez Floro
    5 November, 1997 – JBC Application of the Psychic Judge
    4/5 November, 1998 – Appointment of Judge Floro


    Yesterday, I talked CONFIDENTIALLY with the writer of P.I. Daily INQUIRER, with gentlemen's agreement that he would not write anything on this YET, until, and after I simultaneously give the material FIRS TO ABS-CBN, Standard Today, Manila Times, inter alia, at press con at the DOJ press, 2nd floor, veep::

    If I am psychotic and mentally deranged, why should the highest officers of the Supreme Court ask my help, they brought me to the CONFERENCE HALL of the SUPREME COURT, the 2nd most sacred tabernacle of the TEMPLE OF JUSTICE (Davide circular), to CONDUCT SPANISH CARD READING ... witnessed by 5 Supreme Court security guards, from 1:45 p.m. to 4:25 p.m. that afternoon with a SBARRO messenger delivering P 2,000 pizza?

    Here, read this -

    Judge Floro

  2. There is much to reflect on in your statements, Judge. In the near future I will be adding your webpage to my sidebar, and I will attempt to use my high level contacts to get the word out about the travesty of justice which has been perpetrated.

  3. Thanks for your great KINDNESS...
    May I post here some of my statements to patty and my DESIRE to file the BOMB on or before August 29 deadline for my 2nd Appeal -

    I enjoy this site and blog. You know, from April 6 when our Philippine Supreme Court relieved me and paid me 3 years back wages, but stole my robes and life, I NEVER FOUND KINDNESS in my country.

    So, I learned how to comment, to email, to touch the computer, and daily for 10 hours, I answered all the blogs and then, I PRINT all with my color espson printer, very colorful, including this, your blog and comment. I cherish and keep all these in my MEMORY CABINET, since I & these 3 unseen little friends are now IMMORTALIZED in the memory of world Judicial History, murdered by the heartless justices or magistrates.

    I found KINDNESS in you, in this far far other side of the world.
    Even the atheists God is FOR SUCKERS blog did curse me and my belief, but they never hurt me, they never stole my robes. I believe more in the KINDNESS of such atheists who cursed me, since, they are not hypocrites.

    Here many of our justices hear mass and receive holy communion daily, but they miserably fail to understand the meaning of the greatest treasure on earth that can never be bought by MONEY:
    KINDNESS ---

    "Do our Supreme Court Justices have HEARTS?"



    I talked to the top 2 papers in our country, Philippine Daily Inquirer and Manila Standard Today. I promised them that (since I have 15 days from August 15 to file my 2nd Appeal with leave of Court), I will release to media (of course to this Blog, dear Patty)my Appeal, and the BOMB:

    I WILL FILE BEFORE THE 15 DAY PERIOD, that is, before August 29 THE --

    a) DISBARMENT CASE against former Chief Justice Hilario G. Davide,Jr.... et al, and

    b) Administrative Case against the sister of a Supreme Court Justice and the 20 years personnel, who both directed me to conduct CUAHO, SPANISH CARDS - 3 - 7, psychic reading in the Conference Hall of our Philippine Supreme Court, and they pleaded that I should predict their brother to become the 22nd Chief Justice on December 9, 2006, in violation of the Rules.

    This will be published in all the world headlines.

    I believe, the TRUTH will come out, that 5 of our Supreme Court Justices were responsible for delaying my case to 7 years and that my case is not about dwarves and psychic phenomena but due to 8 major medical surgeries of said Justices: VENGEANCE.

  4. Sadly, it usually is about vengeance.

    Judge Floro, given your unique perspective, I was wondering if you have any insights on the Jon Benet Ramsay case?

  5. Hello,
    Just opened the internet, it is now 2:05 pm wednesday, Philippines.

    "JonBenét was born in Atlanta GA in 1990 and the Ramseys lived in the Atlanta suburb of Dunwoody for several years before moving to Colorado in 1991. JonBenét Ramsey -- Early December 26, 1996, Patsy Paugh Ramsey called 911 to report JonBenét, her daughter six year-old daughter, missing from her bed and a three-page ransom note she found downstairs demanding $118,000. Hours later, with law enforcement in the home, JonBenét's father, John B. Ramsey, found her battered, strangled body in the basement of their Boulder home. John and Patsy insist an intruder killed their daughter. Boulder police and Colorado Governor Bill Owens kept them under an ''umbrella of suspicion.'' CNN

    Case Updates:

    Patsy Ramsey dies of cancer. Saturday, June 24, 2006, JonBenét's mother, Patsy, 49, died Saturday about 3:30 AM of ovarian cancer at her father's house with her husband by her side. She was diagnosed with cancer in 1993 but was cancer-free for nine years until her relapse three years ago. CNN

    DNA Rules Out Parents! Boulder district attorney detectives are no longer focusing on the Ramsey family as suspects. They believe one, or two, intruders entered the home and they are concentrating on Boulder's underside which was largely ignored during the initial investigation. CBS 48 Hours

    Case History:

    Early Case Timeline CNN "

    For me, there is really a God, and we do not know his ways, not our ways. The world is full of hatred, anger, vengeance, stupidity,and most of all, in our broken world of materialism, I found that here in my own country, S.C. Justice have NO HEARTS, no compassion, and full of wickedness, HYPOCRICY...

    But it was and is a blessing in disquise, since, I knew you and thousands and millions or billions of readers of more than 100 world reports, 1,000 blogs, etc. that made Luis, Armand and Angel - and my case IMMORTAL in world judicial history as the unforgettable example of --

    Martyrdom of Filipino Justice ...
    Look please at my newly uploaded pictures -

  6. Let me add this rather long piece that I prepared. please edit and moderate it if too long ...

    Philippine Psychic Judge who talks to 3 mystic dwarfs loses appeal to keep job: Martyr of Filipino Justice will file 2nd Appeal, Disbarment/Administrative Cases before the August 29 Deadline.

    Just sayin Mabuhay (hello, in Filipino; considering that since April, 2006, I spent 10 hours daily replying to 500+ blogs / forum discussions, topics and 100+ world reports/headlines on my relief from service due to belief in dwarves/religion, and since I just learned computer months ago, please FREELY EDIT this comment if it is too long). [It would be unfair and unjust to AIR MY SIDE to blogs via reply / comment on this 7 years case in few words]. [My email address is; I reside here in Alido, Malolos City, Bulacan, PHILIPPINES, ASIA].

    PART I ---

    BBB NEWS reported ---

    Filipino 'dwarf' judge loses case

    Friday, 18 August 2006, 01:57 GMT 02:57 UK

    A Philippines judge who said he consulted imaginary mystic dwarves has failed to convince the Supreme Court to allow him to keep his job.
    'Dwarf dalliance'
    The Manila trial judge had asked the Supreme Court to dismiss the complaint and return him to the bench, after being sacked in April. In a letter to the court he said: "From obscurity, my name and the three mystic dwarves became immortal." However, the Supreme Court said dalliance with dwarves would gradually erode the public's acceptance of the judiciary as the guardian of the law, if not make it an object of ridicule.
    U.K.NEWS YAHOO.COM citing AFP published ---Friday August 18, 10:55 AM
    MANILA (AFP) - A Philippine judge who allegedly claimed to have psychic powers and communicate with imaginary "dwarf friends" has lost his appeal to keep his job.
    Judge Florentino Floro, who presided in a suburban Manila court, was sacked on March 31 on "administrative grounds" after he failed a psychiatric test ordered by the Supreme Court. The final ruling, written on August 11, said "judges are expected to be guided by the rule of law and to resolve cases before them with judicial detachment" to ensure the public maintained its confidence in the judicial process.
    No happy ending in tale of judge and 3 dwarves
    By Armand Nocum, Inquirer, 06:08am (Mla time) 08/16/2006,Published on Page A1, August 16, 2006, Philippine Daily Inquirer

    Dwarfs can’t help ‘paranormal judge’
    By Rey E. Requejo, Manila Standard Today, August 16, 2006

    Dismissed judge, elfin pals claim immortality

    By Armand Nocum, Inquirer, 02:42am (Mla time) 08/06/2006, page A1 of the August 6, 2006 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

    HIS pals, “the imaginary dwarfs” Armand, Luis and Angel, may not have impressed the justices of the Supreme Court but, according to dismissed Judge Florentino Floro Jr., he and his three friends were superstars among psychics and believers of the occult throughout the world.

    I WILL FILE (before the August 29 Deadline) MY 2nd APPEAL ---
    “While indeed a second motion for reconsideration is a prohibited pleading under the 1997 Rules of Civil Procedure, we have allowed it in certain cases. Besides, in administrative cases involving discipline of judges and court personnel, we have allowed second or even third motions for reconsideration whenever justified by the circumstances.” (Soria v. Villegas, Nov. 18, 2004) ---

    (based on NEWLY DISCOVERED EVIDENCE, LACK / OUSTING OF JURISDICTION, DENIAL OF DUE PROCESS OF LAW::: SIMULTANEOUSLY, I WILL FILE SEPARATE TWIN DISBARMENT / ADMINISTRATIVE CASES (against a retired Philippine Supreme Court Chief Justice and Judicial and Bar Council Member – for preventing the Decision to be released in my case for 6+ years) + (against a next of kin and 20 years staff of an incumbent Supreme Court Justice for fraudulently asking me to conduct SPANISH CARD READING for 3 hours in the 2nd most sacred tabernacle of the Temple of Justice – THE SUPREME COURT CONFERENCE HALL – to enthrone by psychic phenomena on December 9, 2006 the 22nd Chief Justice, via the mediation of these 3 Mystic Dwarves – witnessed by 5+ Supreme Court Security Guards and my aide). I WILL ALSO FILE THE DISQUALIFICATION CASE AGAINST 5 INCUMBENT S.C. JUSTICES, plus, I STUDY THE LEGAL POSSIBILITY of FILING IMPEACHMENT CASE AGAINST 2 PONENTES /3 Justices for REFUSING TO DECIDE MY CASE WITHIN THE CONSTITUTIONAL 2 year period from submission of my case on April 2001).


    The Philippine Star 08/19/2006

    Prominent Philippine reporter succinctly wrote the weird, the occult --
    Monday, August 07, 2006 -Arinday: Mind-boggling dismissal, By G.H. Arinday, Jr., Sunfare

    THE case of dismissed regional trial court Judge Florentino Floro Jr. is really one oddity which may yet found a space in the Guinness World of Records. The judge's claim that he is a psychic and could foresee the future, let alone his declaration that he was being helped by his three dwarf-friends while in a trance in writing his decisions, is considered as "psychosis" by the Supreme Court.
    Such singular incident was taken notice by the believers of occult throughout the world and merited attention from no less than prestigious TV international programs like "Showbiz Tonight" and NBC's "Countdown" with Keith Olbermann.

    Of course the High Tribunal did not declare the judge "insane" per se but suffering from psychosis. An honor student during his college days and a 12th
    placer in the 1983 Bar Examinations, the sacked magistrate is now enjoying his international fame and believes he has attained "immortality" together with his friends from the "elemental" realm.

    But as A. J. Hammer of CNN's "Showbiz Tonight" asked why it took three long years for the highest court to decide, nobody has given a definite answer; it's mind-boggling.

    If psychosis had taken hold of the former judge, his reputation of "being abnormal" person may have radically changed. This stigma shall forever his nameplate and his capacity to render legal service may be suspect.

    Freedom of Religion on the Bench - The 3 mystic healing dwarfs

    California District Court of Appeals Justice William W. Bedsworth wrote –

    Judges and Dwarfs Don't Mix

    I've been watching this system for 35 years … Every quarter the Judicial Conduct Reporter lands on my desk… Usually the Judicial Conduct Reporters have a theme… sexual harassment… seems to be the judicial equivalent of the common cold. But there are other themes: bullying people, inappropriate gifts, ill-advised charitable activities. One of my favorites was "Judicial Road Rage." This was a collection of guys who didn't just yell at another motorist or flip them off, but had them arrested. These people actually sent their bailiffs out, or called the sheriff, and had motorists whose driving offended them tossed into the hoosegow…our judges don't seem as prone to things like making decisions by flipping a coin (summer 2003) or falsely claiming to have won the Medal of Honor (summer 1995).

    Nor do we talk to imaginary mystic dwarfs…But today I found out the mystic dwarf thing is grounds for removal of a judge in the Philippines. According to Reuters, "A Philippine judge who claimed he could see into the future and admitted consulting imaginary mystic dwarfs has asked for his job back after being sacked by the country's Supreme Court." Wow. I'm too old to use the word "awesome," but I just don't know how else to describe that. As judicial flameouts go, that's Krakatoa.

    My hat's off to former-Judge Florentino Floro and his ... uh ... staff.

    This beats the hell out of anything the Judicial Conduct Reporter's come up with lately. And I just love it. I love it because it makes me feel superior. I love it because I've never previously gotten to type the phrase "imaginary mystic dwarfs." And I love it because the guy is APPEALING! As near as I can determine, he's making this out to be a freedom of religion issue. He says, "They should not have dismissed me for what I believed." Certainly, I can sympathize with that position.

    The prospect of judges being removed because of their personal belief systems is anathema to all of us ...these aren't just your ordinary, garden-variety, run-of-the-mill imaginary mystic dwarfs. These are imaginary mystic healing dwarfs! Certainly the Philippine Supreme Court thinks it lowers your score. Although they were very diplomatic about it. According to Reuters, "The Supreme Court said it was not within its expertise to conclude that Floro was insane, but agreed with the court clinic's finding that he was psychotic." I'm not sure just what distinction they were drawing here. They may have been saying, "We're not psychiatrists, so we can't say he's gone stark, staring loony tunes on us, but we certainly agree with the doctors who said it." Or they may have concluded that, in today's world, one psychosis hardly differentiates you from the rest of society; it takes at least two or three to qualify for a diagnosis of insanity.

    Either way, they confiscated his robe and his ruby slippers and fined him $780.

    And, mirabile dictu, Judge Floro is appealing. I don't have a clue who to. Who do you appeal to after the Philippine Supreme Court disrobes you? Seems to me, you and the dwarfs have pretty much topped out when you lose in your nation's supreme court. I can't really see The Hague taking this one on. But Judge Floro has vowed an appeal, and, since he can see into the future, I have to assume it's gonna come to pass. And I'm not about to take a chance that I might miss the outcome of this saga. I'm going online as soon as I finish writing this to subscribe to the Philippine Judicial Conduct Quarterly. Then I'm gonna contact the dwarfs and see if they can do anything about my putting.

    Comments by Lester F. Hardy from United States on Thursday, June 15, 2006

    I think sixteenth century Spain would be a far better choice than contemporary Iceland. Icelandic elves, at least in so far as I can judge from the available literature, have little or nothing in common with avenging angels and similarly disposed spirit guides. Torquemada, on the other hand, might have found a use for Judge Floro's unusual capabilities.

    I think perhaps that what Judge Floro needs is a simple change of venue. Consider Iceland, where government agencies consult maps identifying the location of elf-abodes before siting projects. The consideration given in some nations to elf-habitat has prompted at least one observer to suggest that elves enjoy legal protection, or "elf rights", in both Iceland and Ireland .. a judge professing the beliefs expressed by Judge Soro might blend right in. Come to think of it, the Ninth Circuit might want to consider a move as well.

    Lowering the Bar Cited as International Precedent

    Prominent San Francisco Lawyer/legal luminary wrote –

    You may recall that Judge Floro was dismissed (or "separated") from the bench in Malabon City, a suburb north of Manila, after questions arose about his practices of starting court days with a reading from the Book of Revelations, conducting faith-healing sessions in chambers, and consulting three "mystic dwarves" named Luis, Armand and Angel for advice and predictions of future events.

    As best I can tell from the pleadings, his argument is more or less that he should not have been separated from the bench just because of his beliefs, so long as he served his country and Malabon City in a fair and honorable manner. That's a fair point -- who would you rather have as a judge: somebody who takes bribes; or an honest guy who happens to have lightning teeth and well-educated spirit friends but can pass the hardest bar exam in the world? I know my answer.
    Judge in Philippines Discriminated Against for Being Psychic
    The persecution of the psychically gifted continues. Judge Floro also said he had made a covenant with "dwarf friends" -- who hasn't? -- and claimed a variety of other supernatural abilities.
    Judge's Mystic Dwarf Friends Identified
    Many Philippine Judges/Magistrates/Justices were and are very corrupt, they receive bribes - as the High Tribunal ruled that bribery can only be punished in entrapment proceedings. The Psychic Judge merely cites statistics, which is part and parcel of orthodox science.
    Mahar Mangahas, SWS survey - Lawyers say judiciary more corrupt
    posted 08:31am (Mla time) Jan 26, 2005, By Donna Pazzibugan, Inquirer News Service
    "As in 1995, one-fourth of present lawyers say that many or very many judges are corrupt. Although half or 49 percent say they know a case in their own city or province where a judge took a bribe, only 8 percent said they reported the bribery. The main excuse of those who kept silent is that they could not prove it," the SWS said.
    I am known worldwide as the Philippine Psychic and Healing Judge (due to 100+ world reports, headlines - New York Times, UK The Times, etc. & 1,000 blogs / forum discussions, 5,000 replies – view my T.V. healing documentary - type judge floro).


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