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Now that the Hitler's Cross restaurant controversy has abated, I wonder if I’m the only who was appalled not by its ridiculous Führer theme, but by the placing of the apostrophe after the ‘s’ on the restaurant’s sign?


Sixteen Volts linking to the Stupid Comics website reminded me I’ve been meaning to write about one of the comics derided there, Fantomah. Because it's not stupid, it's fantastic. That row of apes is wonderful, as are the heads peeking over the tops of the bushes. I suspect from his style the artist was some sort of idiot savant.


  1. It is a shame that Punit Sablok was coerced into changing the name. I see nothing wrong in such a name. What makes the Jews so special that we need to be hypersensitive to whatever happened to them?

    People had been put through worse atrocities and there is no shortage of such facts in the annals of history. I have a post on why i don't think the Jews more attention and 'understanding' than they really deserve.

  2. "People had been put through worse atrocities"

    We need restaurants about those atrocities too. Only then will we be able to have lunch in proper historical context.

  3. I for one should very much like to lunch at a diner where service is provided by serum-injected gorilla slaves.

  4. "We need restaurants about those atrocities too. Only then will we be able to have lunch in proper historical context."

    That, my friend, is rich. Well, you can add one more restaurant to the list: A Mao Tse-Tsung themed establishment apparently exists in Denver.

    Of course, more disturbing than the atrocities of Hitler or Mao (to me at least) is the prospect of eating lunch with one or more fatties. These days, virtually any American eatery is a living memorial to the degredation of a society where there is simply too much dippin' sauce and too little impulse control. That kind of lunch-related atrocities make me want to take all of my meals alone in a dark corner.

  5. The verb-noun agreement in the last sentence of my previous post is an atrocity itself. Not sure if it warrants its own restaurant theme, however.

  6. The obvious choice would be 'Chow-ceascu's".

    A new trend is restaurants for pets. Why not start dictator themed restaruant for cats called Meow Meow Maos?


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