Abadie & Eugène Ogé

The exquisitely fine Abadie cigarette rolling papers are1 a classic brand. The above Abadie publicity poster from 1904 by Eugène Ogé is a classic as well. I find the artistry, irreverence, and humor of it delightful. It captures the spirit and freedom of another time, when tastes were better and simple pleasures like jokes and smoking were not subject to persecution by tedious scolds.

1Or were, I'm not sure if they are still being made.


  1. Sure, they are still produced. I´ve rolled quite a few myself.

  2. Recently? I thought some other brand bought the Abadie name, then after that I stopped seeing them altogether.

  3. That was last time I checked, roughly 2 years ago. I´ll take another look at my local tobacconist.

  4. The brand name and design still exist but it seems it´s either a franchise or they just took over from the original French manufacturer. So Abadie is still in business, sort of, in my country.


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