There’s only silence here

A school in Rhode Island is requiring students to remain silent during lunch. It seems the little blabbermouths are unable to stop talking while eating, resulting in an epidemic of choking incidents. As sensible as this rule is, since most schoolchildren these days are obese why not require the students to keep socks in their mouths except when called upon in class? Doing so would eliminate the babbling and the gorging.


  1. Every kid out my school talks at lunch, and nobody has ever choked, and that's the same for most school cafeterias around the country. So either those kids are really unlucky, or they're too stupid to know that you're supposed to breath threw your nose when eating...

  2. Typical "It can't happen to me" teenage logic, "because we've gotten away with it so far we've nothing to worry about". Like most teens, you won't learn until you yourself choke on a fish stick. And then it's too late.


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