Tirty Tree and a Turd

I’m under the weather, so instead of participating in the contrived drunkenness of St. Patrick’s Day I’m staying in and watching Leprechaun: In the Hood, the fifth installment in the Leprechaun series of motion pictures and arguably the greatest Irish film of all time.

RELATED: Nov. 06, 1957. Everittstown, New Jersey.


  1. The line "Is there p***y in heaven?" became a slogan for my friends and I in college. I'm not at all proud of this, of course, but if I hadn't mentioned it here I would have been evading responsibility.

    (Censorship because, if this isn't a family website now, it goddamned will be whenever I have kids.)

  2. By the way, that's a line from the movie. I thought I should point that out on the extreme outside chance that you didn't really watch the movie at all.

    Also, um, "friends and me."

  3. I've seen it before, but not recently. I don't really remember much from the experience, for which I'm greatful. I could be confused, but I recall thinking it needed less Hood and more Leprechaun.

  4. I remember literally nothing about it except that one line. And that the guy who said it was dying. (from Leprechaun, presumably.)

  5. Hmm. Who hasn't pondered that theologically important question [I mean, what (nominally) Christian guy hasn't]? According to the New Testament, Jesus said there is no marriage in Heaven - you will do the work of Angels. Which, unless celestial fornication is OK with Jesus, means NO, there is no p***y in Heaven. Thus causing countless brooding, adolescent males to repeat that timeless plaintive refrain, "Life sucks, and then you die. And then, you go to Heaven and spend all eternity never getting laid!"

  6. In heaven
    There is no beer.
    That's why
    We drink it here.


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