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Recent cartoon “controversies” reminded me of this, the only actually funny thing to ever appear in an Archie comic. I laughed at this cartoon, too. Prevailing opinion deems my laughter sinful, though I’ve noticed no one is able to explain why (if you can, I will send you a free watermelon). Such a grossly superstitious age we live in.


  1. It's sinful because the black man is actually far wiser than the white man, yet it's the black man whom you scorn.

    Watermelon, particularly of the seedless variety, is goddamn delicious that just seeing that cartoon has me tempted to jog a couple of miles just to buy meself a huge juicy watermelon.

    But then again, I no longer have to because, having performed my explanatory function I'm looking forward to receiving my payment very very soon!

    God, I could go for melons just about now...

  2. As a generalization your claim is absurd, but the afro-American gentleman in the second cartoon is certainly wise.

    There are no scornful notes in my laughter at those cartoons. Do you also think statues depicting the nude human form are dirty? That's what your reasoning reminds me of.

  3. Yeah, I followed that but I wanted to leave a note about how desirous I felt about watermelons at the moment and any comment that claimed to accurately comprehend your point would have left me with the torturous task of writing as unfunny a comment as this one, so I chose to go in another direction.

    But God, you just made me hungry for watermelons AGAIN!


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