What the well dressed spaceman is wearing

While walking her dog in Norwich a woman had a close encounter with a stylish spaceman:
The RAF report stated: “She was approached by a man who asked her if she would listen to what he had to say. She described the man as 5ft 9in, fair hair, with a Scandinavian type accent and dressed in a light brown garment similar to a flying suit.
The brown jumpsuit is a classic look for extraterrestrial visitors, particularly in suede, going all the way back to 1914. Notice how the various spacemen mix things up with different types of footwear.

A Grey Alien spotted in Philadelphia went with a more casual, colorful approach :
Barbara went to the men’s dept in JC Penney. While there she saw a creature that looked like an extraterrestrial. There was another woman present with her young children. She says they were rushing out of the area. Her son saying, “I want to see” and the mother replying “No you can’t, let’s go now!” Barbara in her wheelchair saw a grey man approximately 4 ½ feet tall, wearing a red/black plaid shirt and blue pants. He was standing by a clothes rack. She saw his profile and then looked away.
Was he shoplifting?


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