Blood, shams and shenanigans

Anger in the accursed town of Whitby over donors being charged to give blood. Imagine the fury if Whitbians knew most of their donated blood goes not to hospitals but to local necromancers for use in occult rituals. There would be riots in Whitby’s doo-doo bestrewn streets.

Whitby isn’t the only place where strange, bloody things are going on. In Ghana a man took a ride with some men in black in “a green ford bus (with tainted glass)” and barely escaped with his life:
What was supposed to be an incident free ride from Pokuase, near Achimota to Suhum in the Eastern Region, landed a 29-year old man in a mysterious room surrounded by men drawling blood from his legs. “Lying half conscious on a sheepskin and surrounded by lighted candles in a very large hall, my only prayer was on how to make it back home alive. Through my half-opened eyes, I could see three naked girls across the hall with their hands tied behind them, and above me was a very large mirror built into the ceiling from which I could see myself lying naked. Around me were four men in black attired, who had injected some substance into my legs and were drawing blood from by body. I then felt dizzy and passed out”, Kwame Ampofo said in interview.
 Also in Ghana, ace reporter, private investigator and master prose stylist Anas Aremeyaw has the dirty details of a sordid sex scandal:
But barely fifteen minutes after the interview, our secret cameras captured a shocking scene that gave the distinct lie to her elegant assertions. Sordid and shocking shame of a business festering beneath the shallow surface; behind the sham and shenanigan; the shine and shimmer of her sharp answer. The same lady holding the erect manhood of a diplomat (whom this reporter had met in the spa) and massaging it until [continued]...
What Ghana lacks in material things she makes up for in alliteration.


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