Andahuaylas Rebellion Update

The affair in Andahuaylas has ended with the surrender of Maj. Antauro Humala. But all is not lost:

Toledo said 40 of Humala's supporters were arrested after he was detained and a police officer from the tactical operations unit told Reuters another 90 turned themselves in.

"We're scouring the area because we have information some have escaped,"said the officer, who declined to be named.

Not only have they escaped, but if all is going according to plan the fellows are on their way to Seattle. I'm sure when they finally get there they will have a great time.

Andahuaylas was an asinine place to stage a rebellion anyway. There is nothing here, yet people first migrated all the way here thousands of years ago. Who (or what?) was chasing them? In the day time the locals ride around aimlessly on llamas, since they have no work to do. At night they get drunk and have sex with those same llamas. It's quite sad.

I'm perpetually baffled as to why people make use violence in attempts to control wretched locations like Andahuaylas (or Gaza, or Darfur, or South Central L.A) but for some reason no one ever puts an army together to grab a place with a nice climate, beaches, and attractive women. It makes no sense.


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