Should his portrait instead be on the three dollar bill?

Abe Lincoln.
Was Abraham Lincoln a homosexualist? He was according to a new book by written by C.A. Tripp. Tripp is himself a homosexualist (a coincidence), and at one time was a researcher for the ‘sex scientist’ Alfred Kinsey. Tripp cites as evidence a statement by Lincoln’s stepmother, Sarah Bush Lincoln, that Abe "was not very fond of girls, as he seemed to me". I wonder if Abe’s stepmother had terrible eyesight. Did it not occur to her that girls were not very fond of him?

For history's sake, let’s examine the facts on both sides.  Evidence he wasn't: he fathered four children with wife Mary Todd. Evidence he was: Lincoln shared his bed with the captain of his bodyguards, David Derickson. Lincoln was often seen frequenting a popular public restroom in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington DC. Lincoln loved the theater. Young Lincoln was often referred to as ‘the rail-splitter’ (I don’t know what that means but it sounds queer).

For the time being I have to call it a draw. A more interesting question is whether or not Lincoln was Melungeon.


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