Come on and join our convoy (even if you are an arsonist, a terrorist, an illegal alien or a giant peanut)

Disturbing news from my favorite journalist, Lance Gay: a plan by our government to change current transportation safety rules to allow arsonists and non-citizens to drive "gasoline tankers and trucks loaded with explosives and hazardous materials".

It’s obviously not in the remotest interest of American citizens to have pyromaniacs driving gasoline tankers, to have 'refugees' who are really terrorists driving trucks carrying toxic chemicals, or to have Mexicans and other foreigners who can’t read signs in English driving any kind of truck at all. So why are the changes being made? Because (as I have pointed out before) the ugly secret modern democracy is that our government hates us. Once one realizes this, the Transportation Safety Agency's desire to change the law in order to increase the chances an ordinary American dies in a horrific gasoline or chemical explosion on the highway it makes perfect sense (as does the government’s malicious 'war' on smoking, which is only done to make us miserable).

Why does the government hate us? It is in part because those that seek political office are by disposition power hungry tyrants, but to win votes in this era of universal suffrage they're forced to grovel before the most clodish of citizens. This fills them with resentment. Those that serve in our government’s bureaucracies are even worse: they have the same character flaws as politicians, but are too ugly and/or stupid to get elected to anything. It is only natural that once given any power at all they seek to retaliate. But it is not natural for we the people to tolerate retaliation. I only hope that at some point we follow the lead of more enlightened states and replace our failed democratic government with some form of monarchy.

Disturbing news from Wales: on New Year’s a woman was attacked by a man "wearing crazy blue fancy dress". According to the report:
There has been speculation that he was dressed as the M&M confectionery character, Mr Cool, but police said this may be confusing key witnesses.

"It is going a bit far to suggest he looked like a giant peanut. He was simply wearing a blue boiler suit with the letter M and there was nothing on his head; that is the description we have," said a spokeswoman.
But what if he was dressed not as a peanut M&M, but as a plain M&M? The failure to even consider such a scenario is gross incompetence on the part of the Welsh police. I contacted them to point this out and was met with hostility. I hope they catch the perpetrator before he comes to America to drive gasoline and chemical tanker trucks.

In other news: Actor Larry Storch is not dead, and today is his birthday. Mr. Storch is 82.


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