The lounge at the Comfort Inn on West Cherry Street

Another day brings another example of the pointlessness of modern scientific research (unless the point is to annoy me):

Older women who drink a moderate amount of alcohol each day may be helping to keep their minds sharp, according to researchers at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center and colleagues.

“In our study, older women who drank moderate amounts of alcohol tended to perform better on tests for cognitive function and dementia,” said Mark Espeland, Ph.D., lead researcher. “Most of these women drank one or two drinks per day.”

Now every bar I go to is overrun with drunken grannies. Does it not occur to these awful scientists that the old ladies are better off forgetting their pasts? I know I'm better off not having them infesting my preferred drinking establishments. I have no hope the 'researchers' responsible for this situation will be held accountable.


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