A cold reception in Vermillion, SD

My planned excavation of Paha Wakan hill has run into the objections of the local authorities. It seems one can’t dig up Indian sacred sites without getting numerous permits first, now matter how momentous the discovery one is on the verge of (did they make Galileo fill out all the proper forms before he dropped his balls off the roof?). In this new Dark Age the petty whims of the bureaucrat ruling class take precedence over Science. The weather forecast of snow and a high of 0 degrees Fahrenheit for Friday does not help matters much either. Why does anyone live here?

Surprisingly, there is an institution of higher learning in this town, the University of South Dakota. I recommend sending your kids to it if you wish to punish them. I foolishly thought some of the scholars at USD would be interested in assisting my archeological endeavors, but they were in fact hostile, and abetted the obstruction of my planned dig. Undoubtedly they could not bear the thought of a clever amateur discovering something they had overlooked in their own back yard. Jealousy is an ugly thing.

I was asked to leave the Super 8 Motel on East Cherry Street, so I have moved to the Comfort Inn on West Cherry Street.


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