Scent of a woman

I’ve been claiming for years that sometimes I’m able to detect a woman will be receptive to my sexual advances based on her smell. Now science has finally caught up to my nose:

The man's nose knows when a woman is fertile, scientists say

"Men who nose around their partners may detect a special odour emanating from under women's arms during the fertile period of their monthly cycle, Czech scientists report.

A woman's 'most attractive' and 'least intense' armpit odour is emitted during fertility, according to a research team led by anthropologist Jan Havlicek of Prague's Charles University."

Recall that:

"Women are significantly more likely to have sex during the fertile part of their monthly cycle, suggests new research."

Smell ya later.


  1. Smelling women's armpits? Yumpin' Yesus! How do you ever get a date? I have been turned down for much less offensive behaviour.

  2. It's quite simple really. You pretend to have a seizure. As you fall down grab her and sniff her armpits. In all the confusion she won't even notice.

  3. Who's to blame, the wind or the lady?


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