Tell me who is to blame the wind or the lady. More masterful prose and intelligent insights from the Tide Online

A poetic interlude in a controversial essay:
Here is an incident I witnessed. I was walking down a street in Lagos one day where out of nowhere came this tall, fair lady in micro mini grey small body-hugging top and knee- length boots ally blew my mind, I tell you. Suddenly, it started to drizzle and the wind began to howl, picking everything that stood in its way (this was going to be one of those dark, wet days). Suddenly, up went the lady’s skirt, exposing everything that was marked “private”.

You could actually touch the screams and jeers that followed this scene. Tell me who is to blame the wind or the lady. As ladies, you can dress up responsibly and still be highly fashionable. (Why some ladies are raped)
You know, as they say:
Husband snatchers are still in the business of snatching husbands...

...The situation was so serious, it looked like getting out of hand, you know, as they say, “when hand-shake don reach elbow, e don pass be careful.” (Woman snatches church member’s husband)
If only our own leaders were as sensible:
Traditional rulers in Yobe have resolved to register strangers and nomads in their domain to ensure the security of life and property. The royal fathers said the new policy was to check the menace of bandits who, they claimed, were mainly immigrants and strangers. (Monarchs plan to register strangers in Yobe)


  1. While snatching husbands is deplorable I approve of the husbanding of--excuse me.

    Hey, they're not all gems, folks.

    Can't stop The Tide

  2. I'm going to try to get an interview with the genius behind Tide articles like the first one.


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