This may sound incredible, but it happened

My God, just what is going on in Nigeria? According to Nigeria’s finest newspaper The Tide (motto: “A commitiment to truth”), a middle aged woman working as a street sweeper in the city of Port Harcourt was killed when a “strange cow suddenly emerged from no where and strangled the woman to death.” Then, “after the cow had accomplished the havoc, it mysteriously disappeared the way it came since no one could trace it after thoroughly searching the area.”

I’m not sure what this incident portends, but I plan on avoiding Nigeria as long as this murderous cow with ninja skills is roaming free. I also think I'll have a hamburger for lunch.


  1. I think Tide Online just made my blog roll.

  2. I plan on adding it too. The Tide is veritable trove of news and insight.

  3. You can't beat their prose style.

  4. You have not posted anything in quite a while. Please reassure us that the Strangling Cow (or the Laughing Cow, I forget which) hasn't gotten you.


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