This is a very important point: the sun is dangerous

Some scientists now think the sun is getting sunnier. It looks to be a sweltering future for the remnant of humanity that manages to survive deadly bird flu. If I were you, I would make sure to add plenty of sunscreen to my survival kit. But of course I’m not you (and thank God for that). My own survival kit consists of a handgun, ammunition, and 10 cartons of cigarettes. I figure I can use the handgun to acquire food, water, and now sunscreen, from the well intentioned people (i.e. saps) who planned for catastrophe. As for the cigarettes, if life has taught me anything it’s that one should never leave one’s supply of smokes to chance.


  1. I will soon be marketing the fashionable "Parasol Hat."
    I would give you one for free since your post inspired this remarkable example of trendy and protective headgear, but I'm a businessman so I won't.

  2. A hat that protects the wearer from deadly bird flu? That's such a great idea I don't mind paying for it.


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