The true story of Gef the talking mongoose

"In 1931 a strange creature began to make its presence felt in the Irving
household at Doarlish Cashen on Dalby Mountain...'He' had introduced himself to Voirrey as Gef, an 'extra, extra clever mongoose' born in Delhi, India in 1852. Though he claimed to be able 'to kill you all if I liked', the family had an affable attitude and came to accept his company. Voirrey acted as his main intermediary. They taught him to speak. With intensive questioning his vocabulary grew rapidly. Described as humorous with a shrill, high-pitched voice, he signalled his presence with singing (including the Manx National Anthem) squeaks, growls and a strange laughter. On departure he would quip 'vanished'. Gef was curious and cunning. He roamed the area, slipping into houses to hear what was being said and relating the gossip back to the Irvings. People both hated and feared the 'Talking Mongoose.' When it was learned that he liked to stow away under the local motor-bus the driver fitted an electric plate to the spot
." [MORE]


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